ABOUT - Motueka Herbal Dispensary
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A Naturopath or Medical Herbalist will take a full history of your case. This includes your medical history, diet, lifestyle ad any contributing factors that may be influencing your health condition. We may order further tests or use current medical tests to develop a working diagnosis. Then we will produce your personalised wellness plan. We will follow up your case to ensure you receive the full benefits of our service.

A Medical Herbalist uses Liquid Medicinal Herbs and High Potency Vitamins to redress imbalances in the body. Herbs are made up of a wide range of active constituents that work synergistically. We do not isolate single constituents, but recognise the value of whole plant extractions. Herbs have a long history of use, dating back 5000 years. Our clinic also uses Native Rongoa Maori where relevant, thus maintaining a commitment to the Mahi of Aotearoa.


We will ask you to bring any recent blood tests or other relevant information with you to your appointment. Your Medical Herbalist/Naturopath will take a full history of your case, which should take around an hour. During this time we will want to know an average days menu, including drinks and any other important additions. We will need to know any medications you’re on, both past and current. We will also ask you about your family history on both your mother’s and father’s side, and any operations or hospitalisations you may have experienced. Once we have ascertained your full medical situation and settled on a working diagnosis for you, we will create a treatment plan. This may need to be written up and emailed to you the following day, with any herbal remedies or products recommended. Often it will also include some amendments to your diet, as digestive health is a key factor in many conditions. In less complex cases, we can offer you a treatment plan on the spot.

Our Consultation prices are;

Initial Consult 1 hour – $100 / Follow-up ½ hour – $50

Christine-Jane massage  1 Hour – $80/  1/2 Hour – $40

Christine-Jane Fertility Consultations  First Appointment – $120 /Follow ups – $60

Helen SmartDNA- $800 / GutBiome – $600

Hair Food and Environment Intolerance Testing – $110

Further tests and treatments- P.O.A.