THE DISPENSARY - Motueka Herbal Dispensary
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Live, Love Herbs

At Motueka Herbal Dispensary we use the highest quality liquid tinctures grown and produced, where possible, in New Zealand. Tinctures are a reliable method for delivered high potency phytochemicals (active herbal constituents).  Herbs are fabulous as tonics for digestive issues, to strengthen immunity, for sleep, stress and mood issues. We can also make a personalised blend to support your whole health picture. Order your prescriptions online or book an appointment with one of our Herbalists and we will create your own individual blend.

A few select herbs are charged by the millilitre. Other prices are as follows:

100ml – $35

200ml – $55

500ml – $135

The Motueka Herbal Dispensary clinic supports several practitioner companies as part of clinic practise, and includes Metagenics, Nutrisearch and Bioceuticals. These are clinic based “Practitioner Only” health care products and support programmes. The Metagenics range of Natural Medicine is exclusively available to qualified Health Care Practitioners.  Sometimes I may use functional pathology testing through Nutrisearch, and I use the highly recommended supplementation ranges that come from this company as well.



Hoheria or Lacebark is similar in constituents to Slippery Elm and grows widely in New Zealand. It is Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial, a Demulcent and an Expectorant. It can be used for Digestive inflammation such as IBS and GORD and is also very helpful for Coughs, Bronchitis and Asthma. We use the leaf in our clinic, but I have also wild-crafted external preparations using the bark.


Poroporo or Solanum aviculare is only used eternally. It is Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial. It is also known as an Alterative, which is one of my favourite herbal descriptions. It means having the ability to improve and restore whichever system it acts upon, to it’s proper function. This describes my love of herbs in a nutshell... working with the body, as nature intended. We use Poroporo for fungal infections, eczema, pruritis, scabies, bruises, ulcers and wounds in general.


Koromiko or Hebe Salicifolia is used mainly for digestive complaints, especially, gastric infections. It is Astringent, Antibacterial, Anti-Diarrhoeal, Choleretic and Diuretic. Herbally, I do not normally recommend suppressing Diarrhoea, unless it has been going for more than 3 days and the patient is becoming weak from fluid loss. The bonus with Koromiko, is that it will also fight the infection causing the Diarrhoea as well as stabilising the digestive process. As an astringent, it tightens the tissues it comes into contact with and so can be also used externally for ulcers and sores.


Tataramoa (Bush Lawyer) or Rubus Cissoides is a native relative of the Blackberry. It was traditionally used to soothe sore throats and chest congestion, stomach aches and period pains. I was taught to use it as a nerve tonic, to aid sleep, perhaps by it’s reputation as a soothing, pain relieving decoction. Women would bathe in a bath made from the leaves, after childbirth, to restore the body. It was also use externally for abscesses, boils and septic infections.

Hoheria Sexstylosa - Lacebark
Solanum aviculare - Poroporo - Motueka Herbal Dispensary
Hebe strictum - Koromiko
Rubus cissoides - Bush Lawyer