Motueka Herbal Dispensary - Herbal Remedies
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Our Herbal Dispensary offers 2 Naturopaths/Medical Herbalists who will take a full history of your case. This includes your medical history, diet, lifestyle and any further contributing factors that may be influencing your health condition. We may order further tests or use current medical tests to develop a working diagnosis. We will then produce your personalised wellness plan. Furthermore, we will follow up your case to ensure you receive the full benefits of our service. We use Liquid Medicinal Herbs and High Potency Vitamins to redress imbalances in the body. Herbs are made up of a wide range of active constituents, that work synergistically together. We do not isolate single constituents, but recognise the value of whole plant extractions. Herbs have a long history of use, dating back 5000 years. Our clinic also uses Native Rongoa Maori where relevant, thus maintaining a commitment to the Kaupapa of Aotearoa.


Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are a vital part of the health community, we use a multitude of blood tests, hair tests, saliva and urine tests, to ascertain your health status. We format a personalised program individually suited to your case. This means we can work on many levels at once and achieve a more sustainable recovery program. Book now online or direct with Helen or Christine-Jane to start your journey to better health.


Herbs are one of the safest and oldest methods for achieving wellness. The longest clinical trial on record, traditional herbal medicine offers remedies for many health conditions. Adrenal Fatigue, Mood Disorders, Hormonal Imbalances and much more. Herbs are not single remedies, they contain blends of Phytochemicals that work together synergisitically, working on many different levels at once. Motueka Herbal Dispensary can tailor make these recipes for your individual needs.


Let's face it, when all is well, we take our health for granted, but when we are unwell, the effect can be devastating. Missed work days, life is less enjoyable, maybe we are unable to digest food properly. It can be awful! Seeing a Naturopath can help you return to wellness and reduce the likelihood of relapses. ``An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure`` We will endevour to heal you and furthermore, show you how to help yourself in the future and how to read the sign of imbalance, so you can maintain your wellness in the future.


Sometimes, we need a little extra help to achieve health. This is where vitamins are, yes that's right! VITAL! Low levels or the wrong types of vitamins can create their own health issues. A Naturopath will give you professional guidance, offering the highest quality and most relevant vitamins for your case. We always return to diet, however, and food sources, once we have achieved health stability.


Motueka Herbal Dispensary is the home of Helen Mayhew and Christine-Jane Wakefield.  We are both Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths. We can fill your regular prescriptions or take you in as a new client and set you up on your journey to better health.

Helen Mayhew Dip. Med. Herb. BNat. Med.
Christine-Jane Wakefield BHSc (Comp Med) Adv. Dip Her. Med. and Naturopathy Practitioner Diploma in Fertility and Reproductive Health